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Everyone's talking about LED these days and the market is flooded with various quality of LED fixtures and lamps. Some LED otems like bulbs, etc have indeed achieved a rock bottom pricing (due to poor quality and also volume) but the largely used LED fixtures/lamps like LED downlighters and LED tubes are still a tad high on the pricing.


Consider an air-conditioned office scenario where most often or not, the lighting fixtures are the conventional 2x2 feet CFL PL lamps (Flase Ceiling Fixtures). Each fixture consists of minimum 2 CFL lamps each of 36W.


Our retrofit LED lamps with in-built driver enable these existing CFL PL fixtures to be transformed into LED fixtures in less than 5 minutes without going through the hassles of purchasing expensive LED fixtures, removing existing fitting, intensive labor, etc. The energy consumption is reduced straightaway by 50% or more. A 36W CFL lamp is replaced by 18W/15W LED lamp  


An energy efficient and responsible organization has the direct opportunity to conserve such large energy & at much reduced cost.Sometimes, Energy Saving is plain simple & straight-forward.


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