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Somewhat of a no-brainer to understand the obvious advantage of heat reflective cool roof paint.


This ready to use paint, when coated on the roofing (RCC/Metal/PCC), reflects sunllight to a greater extent and prevents the roofing from getting heated up, even in peak summer afternoons. Since it works on the principle of continuous rejection of UV and IR rays, the roof itself is not getting heated up. So the air below the roof nevet gets hot, keeping the interior cool and comfortable. In air-conditioned spaces, a savings of upto 20% can be noted during peak summer.


With this coating, we can observe a reduction of upto 20 degree Celsius in roof surface temperature which translates into a reduction of heat ingress into the interiors by upto 4 degree Celsius.


These paints last for 5-7 years depending on the contract abrasion. If the roof top is largely unused, then it is destined for a longer life. These paints can be applied just like any oridinary paint using brush, roller or spray. 


Let's start painting the town (roof tops) WHITE & do our bit for a GREENER Planet.


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