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The concept with these filters is simple -

Rain Water is purest form of water. And if we keep our roof tops clean (even if not, the first rain shall do this for us), the only things which can mix with this pure rain water upon falling on our roof are solid particles. This heavy duty dual intensity rainwater harvesting filter shall filter out those sediments using a SS 304 mesh based filter and provide clean water for storage. 

The basic premise is to filter out the roof top water and divert the clean water into the sump/bore well/open well/external storage tanks and reuse the rain water as much as possible.


The output clean water is perfectly usable for all non-potable uses. With a simple RO or UV system in place, this water can be comfortably used for drinking purpose as well. There is so much usage of water in non-drinking purpose (Washrooms, Gardening, Cleaning, etc.) that the stored water shall not even suffice for drinking purpose.


These filters carry unique advantages compared to any other filter out there.

- Self-Cleaning (not rquired to clean after each rainfall), No Filter change, Simple to Maintain, etc.

Grab your filter model as per your rooftop size and start saving precious amounts of free water.


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