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There is a vast potential for use of solar energy devices / systems in industries for process heat and other thermal applications. Presently, energy for these applications is being met mainly through fuel oil which is not only import dependent but is also creating huge GHG emissions in atmosphere resulting threat to our planet. India is consuming over 100 million tones of oil every year for various uses. Out of this, almost 40% is being consumed in the industrial sector alone. Further, 40-50% of this consumption is in thermal form alone with temperature range below 250 C which comes to around 15 million tones of fuel oil per annum. The applications include mercerizing, drying and finishing in textile industry; drying, dissolving, thickening, leaching and distillation in chemical industry; cooking, drying and canning in food industry, craft pulping, bleaching and drying in pulp and paper industry, drying and cleaning in leather industry and various such applications in many more industries. The working fluid required for these applications is either pressurized hot water, steam, hot oil or hot air in temperature range of 60-250 C. 


Our indigenous designed Solar Parabolic Concentrators with Single Axis tracking of sun is a solution addressing the core requirement of process heating & cooking.

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