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Tubular Day Lighting channelizes the freely available sunlight into the building interiors MINUS the heat, glare and hot spots usually associated with SUNLIGHT.

We sit in a sprawling Air Conditioned office with plenty of windows but unfortunately all these windows are almost all the time closed with a fancy nice curtain/blinds adorning the window.

There is immense amounts of light freely available throughout the day but we shut that off from our building interiors and happily turn ON the aritficial electrical lightings.

The obvious difference needn't be reiterated here. The savings potential is TREMENDOUSLY LIMITLESS.


Tubular Day Lighting systems are the answer to this problem. Been in existence from past 20+ years, highly proven in industries, offices, residences, temples and plenty of other locations.

Available in options of roof mouting and side wall mounting and the array of pipe sizes delivering comfortable lux levels as per user requirement.


Do we need to give another reason to shun those energy consuming artificial lights during availability of natural sunlight and adopt the greener, cleaner, maintenance-free, long lasting tubular daylighting solution?


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