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Waterless Urinal technology has evolved with time and has a history attached in terms of the advancements in the trap used in them. As a result of it, they are referred to as generations of waterless urinal symbolically referring to the trap technology being employed in order to keep odor at bay.


1st generation of waterless urinal employed oil seal as barrier to odor which then changed to proprietary liquids being used by companies. The disadvantage was the recurring cost involved in changing of the traps every 2-3 months. The 3rd generation evolved with mechnical flap based trap which was successful in its own right but were unapproved in some countries as per the plumbing code standards.

This paved the way for the latest 4th generation membrane based trap where 2 really thin specially treated PU membranes form the trap structure. These latest generation waterless urinals are successfully being used in corporates, industries, institutions, public places, etc.


Conventional urinals do not serve the purpose on their own with following constraints.

  • They need water to flush the urine out
  • Remove Stains
  • Control Odor

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